Creating the best workplace on earth

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business_go_huddle_500_wht_12067According to Rob Goffee, from the London Business School, and Gareth Jones, from the IE Business School in Madrid, it boils down to six things:

  1. A place where you can be yourself
  2. Where you’re told what’s really going on
  3. Where your strengths are magnified
  4. The company stands for something meaningful
  5. Where your daily work is rewarding
  6. Where stupid rules don’t exist

These findings are based on asking hundreds of executives over 3 years about their ideal organisation.

They all said they wanted to work for an authentic leader but to do that they had to work for an authentic organisation.

The six common imperatives they found are those listed above.

Do yourself a favour and read the entire article in the May 2013 issue of the HBR