Being busy makes you look good

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business_go_huddle_500_wht_12067It’s the latest status symbol according to US business schools.

Bragging about your success by showing how much you can afford to relax doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to demonstrate “conspicuous consumption of time” to show how important you are.

Asking people to rate others’ status by reading Facebook accounts the researchers found that those people who said how busy they were rated higher than people leading a life of luxury. They were also considered more respectable.

The same results were found when people were asked to rate a fictitious person who worked either less than 7 hours a day or  more than ten. The hard-working version was rated higher on social standing.

So forget showing off your designer clothes and accessories. People don’t rate them any more particularly as they have become more affordable.

A note of caution: these results only seem to apply to the US. In the Italian version Giovanni was rated higher when he did less work. What does that tell you about the differences in work ethic?


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