Do we have a leadership crisis in the UK

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inflate_self_PA_500_wht_5437Recent events have created some turmoil but less has been said about our so-called leaders.

Was David Cameron right to resign? I can understand his logic but as PM he has a duty to the electorate surely?

He was undone by his arrogance that people would agree with the establishment and metropolitan elite’s view that immigration and austerity were good things to experience (not for themselves obviously as they are cocooned from real life). A serious misjudgment which cost him his job and created problems for his party.

Of course he wasn’t alone in that; Tony Blair, another failed leader, let the genie out of the bottle by encouraging immigration and multiculturalism by the back door.

And the latest labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has lost the confidence of dozens of his MPs and shadow cabinet who consider him unelectable – and by extension the Labour Party.

He’s sustained in power by the trades unions and Momentum, and the former labour leader Ed Milliband‘s decision to allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to vote for the leadership position. Milliband also resigned after the last election having damaged his party’s chance of winning an election for the foreseeable future.

The trades unions are all for staying in the EU yet overwhelmingly the former labour heartlands voted for Brexit – and the unions and the ruling socialist cabal surrounding Corbyn just don’t see it.

If they think only the EU can improve workers’ rights then they have short memories . We had equal pay legislation in 1970 before we joined the EU and what has the opposition and unions done about zero hours contracts?

And as for being little Englanders – well after last night’s football result – yes we are. Undone by Iceland, a country the size of Leicester. Our arrogant, pampered, inept (not my words but those of football pundits) players failed to deliver yet again. Probably our worst performance ever.

It begs the old question of how players who do so well for their clubs e.g.Vardy and Kane, can play so badly for their country. Are  these millionaires really motivated and engaged, or do they just play for money not pride?

And Roy Hodgson, our manager, the highest paid in the competition (£3.5 million a year), was also inept. He didn’t know his best team or formation, he didn’t organise a defence against Iceland’s known threats, and there was no plan B.

In contrast the Iceland joint manager Lars Lagerbäck (alongside Heimir Hallgrímsson who will take over after this competition) previously coached Sweden and had a good track record against us.

Iceland had a plan, good knowledge of our players, and the players stuck at their tasks right to the end. They also had a managerial succession plan in place unlike England who are now struggling to find a replacement manager.

It seems we can’t lead anything at the moment. Is it a case of leaders being detached, even isolated, from the grass roots? Is it a case of groupthink when nobody wants to disagree with the prevailing view? Is it a lack of vision, a failure to consider alternative scenarios?

We need to get our act together quickly.


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