The Psychologists have won……………I have seen the light!

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Published 1949 Published 1949

After many years of fighting a rear guard action against the ever-increasing influence of psychology in modern society (or “woo woo” to us non believers) I think I have finally capitulated and “moved to the dark side.”

This morning I was wandering around the local market (Tuesday is junk day where you can buy anything from a venus fly trap to a live elephant and taking in every conceivable engineering tool you can think of) when I came across a stall selling battered old books, so I decided to have a rummage through them.

What should I come across but a hardback entitled “Psychology, The Study of Man’s Mind” published by The New Educational Library and with contributions from academics such as James Drever, Agatha H Bowley and R.G. Gordon amongst others. At immense personal cost and protracted negotiations with the seller I handed over my 50 pence…

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