Facebook is best company to work for in Britain!

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stick_figure_liking_it_500_wht_9170Shocked as I am to repeat that headline (because I detest Facebook’s disregard for privacy) according to website Glassdoor, which asks employees to rate their employers anonymously, it appears that it’s true.

Paying an average salary of £66,000 (More than 2.5 times the national average), providing free food (throughout the day) and drink and flexible working it came out ahead of other technology companies and way ahead of Amazon.

You may recall Amazon was criticised recently for providing a dystopian work environment with some employees working 80 hours a week.  The company denied the allegations but still didn’t even make the top 25. Loved by customers but hated by the staff it seems.

At the rate Amazon are progressing with its algorithms and plans for robot pickers and drone deliveries there probably won’t be many staff left to moan anyway.

Facebook pays its software engineers more than Google, Skype and Amazon although not as much as a principal associate at McKinsey & Company who came 16th.

It isn’t only about pay however, according to Mark Di-Toro of Glassdoor “For some workers it is about making the most amount of money but others told us it’s about perks such as healthcare for the family, free food, generous holiday allowances, game consoles in the offices and even spas“.

The number of Facebook employees in the UK is unknown but they employ 10,000 in 13 countries.

The top end of the list was  dominated by software companies and being cynical I wonder if there was any hacking going on to inflate the data in a positive direction.  Of course software companies wouldn’t do that kind of thing, would they? Except some employees seemed to be encouraged to write positive blogs at Amazon.

The good news is that more than half of the top 25 companies were located outside London with an online appliance company, appropriately called Appliances Online, based in Bolton coming in at No 5 and another software company, Netbuilder, based in Wigan


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