What time should you start work?

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changing_the_clock_1600_wht_11186Not before 10.00 am according to the latest research from the University of Oxford.

Apparently our body clocks aren’t aligned to a  9-to-5 working day and this poses a serious threat to our performance, mood, and mental health.

Dr Paul Kelley believes that there needs to be a huge change to move work times to fit with the circadian rhythms of employees to avoid storing up health problems.

And furthermore staff don’t get back to a 0900 start until they reach 55.  So “staff are usually sleep-deprived… and this is hugely damaging top the body’s emotional and performance systems”.

He doesn’t believe we can change our 24-hour rhythms and learn to get up at a certain time because our bodies are attuned to sunlight and its effect on the hypothalamus.

Much has been published recently about the ill-effects of working shifts which includes the increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

This is separate from the ill-effect of working long hours.

Extreme workers beware!


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