Is using e-mails a sign of old age?

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laptop_mail_pc_1600_wht_2103Recent reports suggest that using e-mails is a give-away about your age.

Young people apparently avoid using e-mails if they can preferring to communicate via Facebook, through texts (SMS), Twitter, or other social media. And some companies encourage their employees to do that.

It seems that e-mailing is only considered suitable for the older generation , the silver surfers.

So just when we’ve all got used to working on the internet something else comes along. Now I know what the Post Office must have felt like when people stopped writing letters that had to be sent in envelopes.

And then there is e-mail etiquette to consider.

There’s a lot to be said for e-mails which you can print off if you need to. However the downside is the fact that some senders feel the need to copy everyone into this missive. Personally I would ignore an e-mail if it wasn’t addressed directly to me. And some companies, in Germany for example, have banned e-mails outside working hours or when people are on holiday.

Let’s face it a backlog of e-mails can be stressful so I like the idea of all e-mails sent during holiday periods being automatically deleted. You have to start somewhere.

We might be living in an “always on” culture with a global 24/7/365 approach but you can always turn off your smartphone and ignore your in-box – if you’re brave enough!

There’s evidence that the over-use of modern technology only adds to the stress in our lives.


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