Leaders without shame 2015

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CigarmanI’ve been writing about leaders without shame for a few years on the SGANDA site and in previous years have included, for example, those involved in the Rotherham child abuse scandal including the PCC and Joyce Thacker.

But Sepp Blatter takes the biscuit. As the leader of an organisation which seems so corrupt it’s hard to believe he didn’t know what was going on he gets re-elected. Despite so many of his team being indicted, despite the blood on his hands from the deaths of the “slave” labourers working in Qatar, despite getting plaudits from Putin fresh from land grabbing and invading a neighbouring country.

Maybe the African and Asian nations don’t see what has been going on as corruption just a cultural expectation that palms will be greased?

Nevertheless any leader worthy of the title should be big enough to stand up, take responsibility for the mess, and stand down.


Last year (2014) Sepp Blatter and the corrupt organisation that is FIFA hit the news again in a Sunday Times (ST) expose.

The FIFA President and his executive committee were secretly given limited edition Swiss watches worth almost £15,000 each during the World Cup despite their own rules saying that gifts should only be of “symbolic or trivial” value.

They will be ordered to give them back by Michael Garcia their ethics investigator after the ST discovered the gifts made by Swiss watch maker Parmigiani which sponsors the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF).

They’ve been told to hand them back by 25 September. Michael Platini is refusing saying he’s a “well-educated man and you don’t give back presents”.

Apparently Garcia has already blocked the gift of two watches worth up to £42,000 which the World Cup sponsor Hublot had planned to give to Blatter and all 26 members of the ruling executive committee (exco).

So Sepp Blatter and the execs would have received gifts worth £2.5 million during the tournament in poverty-stricken Brazil.

Blatter must be sick of the ST after they exposed the fiasco surrounding the Qatar bribery scandal. But for three of the executive committee taking a principled stand – the others accepted the gifts – and reporting the gift to the ethics committee it probably wouldn’t have come to light.

So well done Sunil Gilati, the US exco member, Moya Dodd, the Australian member, and Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan.

As for Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president has previous for not seeing bribery and corruption in front of his eyes.

Posted: 14 September 2014


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