Are Women really more Intelligent than Men?

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For the first time since psychologists and others began measuring intelligence (IQ) women are scoring higher than men.

Typically IQ testing has shown differences between men and women – and more controversially between races.

James Flynn, a Professor in New Zealand, has claimed that our IQ scores are increasing every ten years by about 3%, and this has been called the “Flynn effect”.

The “Flynn Effect” means that modern Europeans are 30 points smarter than those who lived a century ago and that IQ is not (wholly) genetic as it can be improved.

Flynn’s latest research showed that whereas women’s scores  had previously lagged 5 points behind men’s the differences are now trivial and in New Zealand, Argentina, and Estonia women scored slightly higher than men.

Flynn puts this down to the impact of modern living, women being less disadvantaged than they were in the past, and having jobs that make more cognitive demands.

I’ve posted on women and intelligence before, how women can do worse at problem solving when in teams and yet adding women to teams can raise the group IQ levels.

Intelligence testing is not without its critics and is not a perfect science. See: “How do you know how intelligent you are?”


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