Self-control, again

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I’ve posted recently on self-control so I was interested to read a post from PsyBlog, one of my favourite bloggers, about the impact of money on self-control.

In fact it was the mere mention of money that appeared to boost self-control following experiments that tired the “self-control muscle”.

I’ve also posted recently on the effect of money on “matching and mirroring” where a reminder about money breaks the rapport established through mimicry of NVC.

I wonder if the same mechanism is at work here. In both example people recover their self-control; in the mimicry example they break the spell cast on them by the person trying to develop better rapport (whether intentionally or not). Does money always have this effect on people?

If you are really interested in this topic Psyblog has a post which sets out a number of ways to improve your self-control


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