Brainstorming revisited

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Brainstorming is still a popular method of encouraging creativity in groups (despite PC attempts to re-name it).

Joerg Melhorn in Scientific American Mind suggests some additional ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Most of you know that in the early stages of brainstorming criticism is discouraged and ideally here should be two stages; the fist when ideas are generated and the second hone they are critiqued and vaulted by a different group of people.

Melhorn suggests that you could hide the problem from the group and ask them to think about a broader topic e.g. attractiveness, before narrowing it down to the real issue e.g. packaging.

Brainwriting is another way of generating ideas. A group of 6 people are given a sheet of paper with empty boxes, say 3 columns of 6 where the columns represent different aspects of the problem.

Each person thinks about the problem then writes…

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2 thoughts on “Brainstorming revisited

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