My most read posts in 2011

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Another year of blogging, trying to find the most interesting stuff that brings together work and psychology.

As I said last year it’s a competitive market place with many excellent writers and I think business psychologists can make a great contribution to the workplace in these difficult economic times.

WordPress tell me most of my readers come for the UK, the USA, and India with some from Africa and Brazil.

And my top 5 ie most read, posts:

My 5th most read wasEmotional Intelligence and empathy

My 4th most read wasEmotional Intelligence and self-control and those marsh-mallows

So still a lot of interest in EI out there

My 3rd most read wasMoral Judgements and decision-making which had the most comments and was also in last year’s top 5

My 2nd most read wasNo country for grey-haired men about ageism in recruitment affecting men as well as women.

And the most read, as many as the rest of the top five together, wasThe 4 agreements – shamanic Emotional Intelligence for the second year running.

This year I created a new blog about health and lifestyle issues and transferred the more general posts, about half of them, from here to uLearn2BU .

I decided that this blog needed to be more focussed on the psychology of work to supplement my Leadership and Management blog.

So many thanks for reading and for your comments and looking forward to more in 2012.


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